Monday, October 26, 2009

One. My Wife

Let me introduce you to my wife, Natalie. I think there is no better way for me to begin my blog. She is the inspiration for "24 exposures" and the inspiration for many other things in my life. Natalie inspired me to pick up my old film SLR camera again and exercise that artistic muscle inside me that was in need of a good stretch. Natalie slowly pulled me into the world of blogs and introduced me to all of the beauty that is at our fingertips on the web. At the time, I avoided my computer as much as possible. I wanted to free myself from being tied to this man-made machine. But I have come to see all the potential for good that these machines have brought. I am starting this blog as a way to share with all of you the art I create. For what is the use of good photography if no one sees it?

All of these photos will be from either 35 mm negative or slide film. I will post in sets of three because I love pictures in sets of three. So come along for the journey. I hope you stay tuned in. And enjoy the photos!


p.s. Natalie and I have a blog called him + her. You should check it out.


  1. my dearest luke,
    this is a wonderful first entry.
    i am so happy you are now officially a part of the little blog community- it is a great place to be.
    & you're the one that originally encouraged me to pick-up my mom's old camera & make some photos.
    i love you.

    your girl

  2. Will do Luke. Looking forward to more.

  3. I'm so happy that you started a new blog!
    I'll be a frequent reader/beauty intaker, for sure!



  4. hi luke! i'm so excited about this blog! and you're right - your beautiful wife is a perfect subject for your first entry. you two bring so much joy to my life, thank you!


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